SG Buses WP7 users' phone models [live analytics]

GAEMobileAnalytics is a Google AppEngine project written in Python that records and displays analytics. I started this project to record activity for one of my Windows Phone 7 application, SG Buses. This app is currently being use to test the project.

The source code for the project can be obtained from GitHub here. This project includes a Windows Phone 7 library so you can integrate easily with your existing app. Libraries for iOS and Android may not come soon unless I have a new app to test this with.


  • access to live data in chart format for embedding in websites
  • log number of new users daily
  • log total new users
  • log phone models and manufacturers
  • log events and event-specific parameters
  • generate charts for all of the above using Google Charts API

Sample charts showing live data

Total number of users in SG Buses WP7 [live analytics]

Total number of new users daily in SG Buses WP7 [live analytics]

Menu activity in SG Buses WP7 [live events analytics]

I have not documented the project properly yet. Step-by-step instructions should be coming soon. Let me know if you can help to test or contribute code to the project, especially for iOS and Android.