Video shows SliderPageControl in a sample application included in the source code.

SliderPageControl is an alternative for UIPageControl that I made for SG NextBus a few months ago. It is implemented in a similar manner as UIPageControl, but provides additional features.
  • drag page control to change page
  • dragging away from the page control cancels the action
  • shows page titles while dragging


SliderPageControl is a subclass of UIControl. You can use addTarget:action:forControl: to add a listener for UIControlEventValueChanged. Then use the callback method make changes. Example above shows the use of SliderPageControl to change the content offset of a UIScrollView.
To show page title as the control is dragged, set showHint to YES, and set a delegate for SliderPageControl. A callback method will query the delegate for page title as the control is dragged.
You can get the source code for SliderPageControl, and the sample app shown in the video above at GitHub here. You can also modify the images to skin the control using the original photoshop files included.