Though I made GAEAPIMonitor to keep track of APIs on our server for downtime, it has turn out to be more useful than that. I have started to use it to monitor page changes, such as for package tracking. You can find the latest changes I have added for page monitoring, as well as other new features highlighted below.

More descriptive alerts

DM Alerts now includes a link to preview the content, and a more meaningful error alert message. The preview link also includes description of content changes that cannot fit into Twitter 140 characters limit, and a button to remove the alert.

Content changes alert

You can configure GAEAPIMonitor to only receive alerts when there is significant content changes to the monitored page. This is done by specifying a minimum percentage change for each URL monitored. It also includes more meaningful description of content changes (showing what is added and removed) using google's diff-match-patch cleanup semantics feature.

Verifying error 408 to reduce false alerts

In the previous version, there were quite a lot of false alerts for ...