Prototype of a tide table UI

I created this as a feature in WeatherLah a few months back. WeatherLah is a Singapore weather app designed by @isnav and done by an intern at buUuk. But this feature will probably need some tweaking before it makes it into the app.

This prototype shows tide levels at different hours.

But the navigation is not flexible enough to easily show when is high tide and low tide.

The animated frog is a frame-by-frame animation, each frames drawn manually in Photoshop. Had a lot of fun working on this.

Playing with folding navigations

Here's another work in progress. Trying to use folds for navigation. The folds are done with separate layers using CATransform3D overlaid with sliced screenshots of the view.

The video shows a prototype of SG NextTrain, an iOS application to tell arrival time of the next train in Singapore.

Mockups of SG NextTrain